SLIDE is the comprehensive personal financial solutions application for the mobile world. It is a proprietary suite of financial and social services in a mobile application platform, offering domestic and international migrant workers, spanning the whole spectrum of expertise from the unskilled to professionals, managers and executives, their very own and international migrant workers by supporting their families back home with more affluence.


For starters, in giving back to society, SLIDE wants to be the go-to mobile remittance service for migrant workers to send money home to their loved ones by providing better benefits than others.


In Singapore, SLIDE is reaching out to overseas foreign workers to offer them a portfolio of personal monetary services. SLIDE is also overseas, starting in Indonesia, with other Southeast and South Asia countries following soon.


SLIDE services are:

  • Wallet – Virtual stored value facility
  • Chat – Social instant messaging
  • Send Overseas/Local – Transfer and receive money locally and globally
  • Pay Bills – Pay and manage domestic and overseas bills
  • Invest – Peer-to-peer money borrowing and lending
  • Salary – Direct salary crediting