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What is SLIDE?

SLIDE provides an integrated personal social solution to finance and commerce activities in a mobile application on smartphones.

What can SLIDE do?

The services available in SLIDE are:

  • WALLET: Your own virtual wallet for quick payments on the go for all SLIDE services
    CHAT: Message your family and friends, and get instant notifications of your transactions and account updates
    SEND OVERSEAS: Send money to family and friends overseas
    SEND LOCAL: Send money to family and friends locally
    PAY BILLS: Pay your bills locally and internationally, buy grocery vouchers, top up local and overseas prepaid airtime
Why should I use SLIDE?

SLIDE is a better way to manage your social-personal financial transactions. It is always available on your mobile smartphone. SLIDE wants to be the cheaper remittance service and be the faster way to send money. SLIDE manages your money transactions well with better customer service.

How do I log in to SLIDE?

You need Internet access via mobile data or Wifi connection to use SLIDE.

What type of mobile phones can I use SLIDE with?

SLIDE works on iPhones with iOS 8 and above, and Android smartphones with Android 3.0 and above.

Can I use SLIDE in Singapore and overseas?

Yes, you can use SLIDE anywhere in the world, provided you have an Android smartphone or iPhone and Internet access, though you may have additional roaming and data charges if you are not using a local mobile service provider.

Who is the developer of SLIDE?

SLIDE is a proprietary mobile technology platform developed by iAPPS Pte Ltd, a Singapore pioneering financial technology company. iAPPS is the technology partner of Sport Singapore’s ActiveSG movement that also developed the ActiveSG app.

What is SLIDE Member Care Centre?

The SLIDE Member Care Centre is located at Lucky Plaza #02-50. It is where SLIDE Member Service Officers assist individuals to sign up as SLIDE Members. These Officers support SLIDE Members in technical issues in regards to using the SLIDE MEMBER app.

Sign Up

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Is using SLIDE MEMBER app safe?

All information you provided for SLIDE is encrypted, secured and protected in the respective residential country users signed up in. For Singapore users, all data in SLIDE comply with Singapore’s law of data privacy act (PDPA).

Is my SLIDE WALLET secure?

Your SLIDE WALLET is password locked and every transaction requires your password or fingerprint. Every transaction’s information is securely encrypted. You will also receive a notification in CHAT when a transaction is done.

What to do if I lose my mobile phone?

Call our helpdesk 6594 1380 to disable your SLIDE account. Once you have a new mobile phone and installed SLIDE MEMBER app, call our helpdesk to re-activate your account.

I forgot my password. What to do?

At ‘Existing User’ page > Tap ‘Forget Password’ > Enter your mobile number or verified email address > Enter OTP sent to you > Enter your new password > Log in again.

If I lost my mobile phone, can anybody take out my money?

No, your SLIDE WALLET is password locked and every transaction requires your password or fingerprint to use your SLIDE WALLET.

Top up

How do I top up money into my SLIDE WALLET?

You can top up money into your SLIDE WALLET in 2 ways:

  • Cash: At our 3 top up venues here and all 58 SingPost Post Offices
  • Bank transfer: Internet banking and ATM

At SLIDE Home page, go to ‘Me’ > ‘SLIDE Wallet’ > Enter password > ‘Top Up’. Click here for step by step guide.

How much money can my SLIDE WALLET hold?

The maximum amount of money for SLIDE WALLET varies for different currencies. For Singapore, the SLIDE WALLET can hold up to S$999.00 at any time.

I entered the wrong bank transfer transaction reference number and submitted the transaction. How can I change to the correct reference number?

You can go to ‘Top Up’ page > Tap ‘Status’ > Tap ‘X’ on ‘Pending’ transaction to cancel your current request. Go back to ‘Top Up’ > Bank Transfer to submit a new request.

Is my money in SLIDE WALLET safe?

You must enter your password to use SLIDE WALLET for every transaction, and to see virtual wallet balance and personal information.

Send Overseas

Remittance is provided by our partnered remittance licence holders in different countries where international remittance service is available.

Can I remit at SLIDE Member Care Centre?

No, you can’t remit cash at SLIDE Member Care Centre as it is not a licensed venue for remittance. However, you can use SLIDE MEMBER app to remit, as our remittance service is provided by SIR Money Changer Pte Ltd, a Monetary Authority of Singapore licensed remittance company.

Who can send money overseas?

You must be 18 years or older, are a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or Foreigner with a valid work visa (Employment Pass/ S Pass/ Work Permit) and have a Singapore mobile phone number. For identification, for Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents is your NRIC number and for Foreigners with work visa is FIN.

Can I use my passport to register if I’m not Singaporean?

No, you can only use your FIN from your Employment Pass/ S Pass/ Work Permit.

How do I send money overseas?

To send money overseas, first you need to complete a one-time registration and verification with our partnered remittance licence holder in 7 steps:

  1. Log in to SLIDE.
  2. Tap ‘Me’.
  3. Tap ‘Complete Remittance Registration’.
  4. Fill up ‘Registration’ page according to information on your identification card.
  5. Take clear photos of your identification card front and back, and a selfie of yourself from head to shoulder.
  6. Confirm your information is correct and tap ‘Done’ to submit.
    (At this point, your remittance registration is not complete. You can still re-edit and re-submit the registration form in your app.)
  7. To complete your registration, visit our partnered remittance licence holder or SLIDE Member Care Centre to verify your registration. Please bring your identification card along for identification purpose.


When you complete your remittance registration and verification at our partnered remittance licence holder or SLIDE Member Care Centre, you can open your app and tap ‘Send Overseas’ to start remitting:

  1. If you are sending the first time, either enter your recipient’s name or mobile number that is in your phone contact list or SLIDE friends list, or tap ‘Add New’:
    • Fill up ‘Recipient Details’ for your new recipient and select your recipient’s ‘Collection Mode’.
    • Tap ‘Save’ to record your new recipient’s details.
  2. If you are sending to a repeat recipient, select a recent recipient on screen.
  3. Enter remittance amount in local currency or recipient’s country currency.
  4. (Optional) Tap and hold your recipient’s information to view and edit the information you saved.
  5. Agree to the declaration that the money you will send is not of illegal means and not for illegal or terrorism activities.
  6. SLIDE to confirm remittance transaction.
  7. Enter your password to confirm.
  8. Directed to ‘Status’ page showing transaction is ‘Pending Payment’. Once processed, a notification will appear in your mobile phone to link to ‘Receipt’ page.
How do I check the progress of my remittance?

You can check the status of your remittance at 2 places:

  1. Home page > ‘Send Overseas’ > ‘Status’ > View Receipt & Status
  2. Home page > ‘History’ > ‘Send Overseas’ > View Receipt & Status

Also, you will receive notifications for any updates on the status of your remittance transactions in CHAT.

Will I get a receipt for my successful remittance?

Yes, you will get a notification in-app of your successful remittance. At Home page, tap ‘Send Overseas’ > Tap ‘Status’ > Tap ‘Send’ to see all your remitted money transactions > Tap any ‘Processed’ transaction > At ‘Receipt’ page, that transaction’s receipt is shown in detail.

Why do I need to be registered and verified?

For remittance, we and the authorities need to know who you really are, so you need to present yourself at our partnered remittance licence holder or SLIDE Member Care Centre to complete your registration by verification.

What do I need to bring for verification?

You need to bring your NRIC or EP/ SP/ WP in Singapore to be verified.

How much money can I send overseas?

You can send up to your SLIDE WALLET limit per remittance transaction. For Singapore, the limit is S$999.00 per remittance transaction.

What if I want to send more than my SLIDE WALLET limit?

You can proceed to our partnered remittance licence holder as listed here.

Where can my recipient collect the money I’ve sent?

Recipients can either collect by cash pick up (MoneyGram) or bank account, depending on the collection points available in the receiving country from our partnered remittance licence holder in each sending country. You can see the list of banks supported and MoneyGram cash pick up option when you add recipient in SLIDE MEMBER app.

How can I see the latest exchange rate?

Go to ‘Send Overseas’ > A pop up of the current day’s exchange rate will be shown. The exchange rate will also be shown after you selected a recipient.

How much is the remittance fee?

You can view our remittance fees after you select a recipient in ‘Send Overseas’.

Where can I send my money to?

You can view the list of countries supported when you tap on ‘Send Overseas’ in home page.

How soon will my loved ones get my remittance in my country?

It depends from country to country.


  • Islami Bank Ltd
  • Cash pick up: Instantly during working hours.
  • Account credit: Instantly during working hours.
  • BRAC Bank Limited
  • Cash pick up: Instantly during working hours.
  • Account credit: Instantly during working hours.
  • Other bank accounts: Next working day evening.
  • MoneyGram: Instantly during bank opening hours to any bank and NGOs.


  • ICICI Bank account: Instantly during working hours.
  • Other bank accounts: Same day
  • All banks’ ATMs: Same day
  • Cash pick up: Instantly through MoneyGram agents throughout India.


  • Account credit: Any bank account next day.
  • Cash pick up: Instantly through MoneyGram agents like Cebuana, M Lhuillier


  • Instantly to any bank’s ATM.
I changed my mobile phone number, can I still remit?

You must update your mobile number, if not you will not be able to submit any remittance transaction as all remittance transactions in SLIDE require OTP. To update – Home page, tap ‘Me’ > Tap ‘Edit’ > Enter your password > Tap ‘Mobile No.’ > Enter new mobile number > Tap ‘Update’.

If my work visa expires, can I still remit?

No. You have to update your particulars, take photo of your new work permit and proceed to our partnered remittance licence holder or our SLIDE Member Care Centre for verification.

Can I remit for my company?

No, you can only remit for yourself.

Can I remit on behalf of my friend?

No, you can only remit for yourself.

How many recipients can I remit to?

You can remit up to a maximum of 10 recipients.

Send Local

Can I send money to friends who are not SLIDE Members?

Currently, SLIDE only supports sending money to friends who are SLIDE Members because the money sent is credited to their SLIDE WALLETS.

My friend has sent me money locally. How do I know I have received the money?

When your friend sends you money successfully, the money is credited to your SLIDE WALLET instantly and you receive a notification in CHAT.